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Sleepy Spiral Cat

Posted on 2011.08.23 at 10:41
Sleepy Spiral Cat  by Melsky
Sleepy Spiral Cat , a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

This is a new painting I just finished this morning. It's an 8x10 watercolor crayon, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic and ink on watercolor paper.

I'm painting a little bit every morning. Mostly I'm busy selling real estate. People are actually buying now. Not a lot of people, but I do have clients and homes for sale.


Fish and Water Lilies

Posted on 2011.08.02 at 07:00
Fish and Water Lilies  by Melsky
Fish and Water Lilies , a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

New painting - this is an 8x10 watercolor, watercolor crayon and pencil on watercolor paper. It's my goal to paint some every day, even though I'm busy with other stuff.


Imp and Cheddar

Posted on 2011.07.24 at 05:41
Imp and Cheddar by Melsky
Imp and Cheddar, a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

This is my cat Imp and foster cat Cheddar. Cheddar and his brother Mittens got adopted by a nice family. I have kept one of the kittens Butter, and he's a great little cat.

I'm not fostering any more cats now, I'm focusing on fundraising. It's too hard to let the foster cats go.



Posted on 2011.04.22 at 06:39
Kittens! by Melsky
Kittens!, a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

This is what I've been doing lately - fostering kittens. These came from a house out in the country where there was 100s of cats - people just kept dumping unwanted cats there and none of the cats were fixed. You can imagine what happened! These cats are very friendly, and they have small rounded ears. I call them The Teddy Bear Ears Kittens.


Cat and Fish Resist

Posted on 2011.04.09 at 03:59
Cat and Fish Resist by Melsky
Cat and Fish Resist, a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

This is an 8x10 watercolor, pencil and acrylic. It's a new technique I'm experimenting with. First I painted the cat and fish. Then I covered them with liquid rubber, leaving a white border, and painted the backgrounds. Then I removed the rubber and painted in the details.

It's an interesting way to work. The hardest thing is getting the coating on evenly with full coverage.



Posted on 2011.04.07 at 05:47
Orange Brothers by Melsky
Orange Brothers, a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

These are two of the kittens I'm fostering. As soon as they are old enough to be neutered I'm going to adopt them out to good families.


Tiger Lily Cat

Posted on 2011.04.02 at 03:50
Tiger Lily Cat by Melsky
Tiger Lily Cat, a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

Hi! It's hard to think of what to write since I have been gone so long. I'm painting again every day, my career as a real estate agent is going well (I do mostly rentals and investment property) and I am fostering cats and kittens. Right now I have 15 cats in my house!

Most of the painting I'm doing is watercolor and ink or watercolor and acrylic. This is an 8x10 watercolor and ink on paper.

I helped to organize and art auction fundraiser event in February called Pawcasso which makes money for Spay and Neuter Syracuse, a low cost spay/neuter clinic.


Psycho Kitty on Canvas

Posted on 2010.09.17 at 21:35

Psycho Kitty on Canvas
Originally uploaded by Melsky
I'm selling some of my paintings for a fundraiser for my friend's cat shelter in Serbia http://novisadcats.blogspot.com/2010/09/auction-is-on.html You can visit their page to see photos of the cats or to find out how to bid on a painting.



Spring Snake Cactus

Posted on 2010.06.13 at 10:09

Spring Snake Cactus
Originally uploaded by Melsky
I've been painting again. I'm doing a series of spring themed paintings on canvas. I've been painting on a regular basis again, a little bit every day in the morning and then more on my days off.

Other than that I've been renting apartments, trying to get my house cleaned and organized, reading, and going to the gym a lot.

I'm working on a new page for my apartment rental business and that is taking up a lot of my time.

Since it's my day off I hope to finish the paintings I have in progress. I got a new cover for my bed that is pink roses with light green leaves on a tan background and I'm working on a painting for my bedroom in those colors.

Posted on 2010.05.17 at 11:17
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