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Tiger Lily Cat

Posted on 2011.04.02 at 03:50
Tiger Lily Cat by Melsky
Tiger Lily Cat, a photo by Melsky on Flickr.

Hi! It's hard to think of what to write since I have been gone so long. I'm painting again every day, my career as a real estate agent is going well (I do mostly rentals and investment property) and I am fostering cats and kittens. Right now I have 15 cats in my house!

Most of the painting I'm doing is watercolor and ink or watercolor and acrylic. This is an 8x10 watercolor and ink on paper.

I helped to organize and art auction fundraiser event in February called Pawcasso which makes money for Spay and Neuter Syracuse, a low cost spay/neuter clinic.


All the letters I can write
wendelah1 at 2011-04-04 02:01 (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad to know everything is going so well.
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